Niels Poiz *1991. Living and working in Brussels, Belgium is a visual artist with an artistic practice emphasising language, narration and the sociology in popular culture, cyber culture, general media and pop music via performance, installation, print work, video and publications. He holds an MFA at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels and a post master in Arts & Design at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Antwerp.



"Art Au Centre #10" - AAC  / Liège, BE

"Paris Ass Book Fair" - Lafayette Anticipations / Paris, FR

"Books In The Pool" - SB34 / Brussels, BE

"Trafic #1" - FRAC Provence, Alpes-Côte d'Azur  / Marseille, FR

"Bye Bye HIS-STORY, Chapter U" - Maison Grégoire / Brussels, BE


"The Swirl And The Consequences" - SECONDroom / Antwerp, BE

"Apples & Oranges" - CIAP & C-Mine / Genk, BE

"Rosa rosa Rosae rosae" - Maison Pelgrim / Brussels, BE

"The Orangerie" - Het Paviljoen / Ghent, BE

"ÉTÉ CARBONE, Maxi Kiosque" - la galerie V2 du Vecteur  / Charleroi, BE

"SHOW UP/SHOW-OFF" - The ONBOARDS Biennale / Antwerp, BE

"Antwerp Art Weekend Bookshop" - de studio / Antwerp, BE

"Limited  Edition Art Fair" - Boghossian Foundation / Brussels, BE

"Anima / Animal" - Bureau Des Ogres / Brussels, BE

"Bye Bye His-Story, Chapter 5050" - Centre de la Gravure et de l'image Imprimée / La Louvière, BE


"Slowmotion Slumber" - Rue Danemark / Brussels, BE


"(Stereokop 8) Britney's Breakdown" - Civic House / Glasgow, UK

"Vienna Art Book Fair" - dieAngewandte / Vienna, AT

"To Smooth The Furrowed Brow" - B32 / Maastricht, NL

"IN (EN) ACTING ROLES" - SB34/ThePool / Brussels, BE

"I Was Busy Finding Answers, While You Were Just Continuing Life" - BEBE Space Ghent, BE

"CC01 Exhibition" - Tique Art Space / Antwerp, BE

"SPACE POETRY / because and more space, doing all right... now?" - Helmut Space / Leipzig, DE

"Filter More And Cléo Totti" - SUPERDEALS / Brussels, BE


"Things I Do, Other People Do Too" - Coherent / Brussels, BE

"Platvvorm, the opening weekend" - Platvvorm / Deinze, BE


"Alternative Acts" - Extra City / Antwerp, BE


"Bergen Art Book Fair" - Kunsthal / Bergen, NO

"30 Kilos Of Cocaïne Used To Draw The Lines Of A Football Field" - HIDDEN SPACE / Brussels, BE

"Yes Yes Oui Oui Si Si, It's Okay, That's Alright" - Centrale For Contemporary Arts / Brussels, BE

"Attitude To Form" - Museum M / Leuven, BE


"The Young Artist Project" - The LUCA Bibliotheek / Brussels, BE

"A Cozy Mystery With Bite" - Greylight Projects / Brussels, BE